What is Rural Pulse?

Rural Pulse is a research study that has been commissioned by the Blandin Foundation since 1998 to gain a real-time snapshot of the concerns, perceptions and priorities of rural Minnesota residents. This initiative was last conducted in 2010 and served to identify trends within significant, complex subject areas such as the economy, education, employment and quality of life.


Rural Pulse 2013

In March 2013, more than a thousand Minnesotans residing outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area and within communities under 35,000 participated in the project. Once again, a separate study was also completed with community leaders across the state.

The 2013 Rural Pulse is the largest and deepest poll the foundation has ever undertaken. For the first time, the survey included the perspectives of urban residents as well as specific racial and cultural perspectives.

Urban perspective research is new to the Rural Pulse study and made possible through a partnership with the Minnesota Community Foundation, an affiliate of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.

To access the findings from the 2013 Rural Pulse, please see the documents in the right-hand column.

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